House of Mercy All-Muslim Cemetery

What to do when a death occurs in the Family

The first line of contact is the House of Mercy manager, Michael Wallen (TEL:206.818.3964).  He will make all necessary arrangements for removal of the body and arrangement for burial.

If he is not available leave a message at his phone.

Additional contacts (for emergency only):

  • Fazlolah Khatami; Tel: Mobile (206)769-3802

  • Mahmood Sarram; Tel: (253)691-5055

  1. Get personal information about the deceased and visit the cemetery with an authorized family member(address: 15004 SE 256th St. Covington, WA 98042) complete the appropriate form choose the grave and pay for the cost.

  2. Have the family release the body from the place of death to the House of Mercy All-Muslim Cemetery.

  3. Discuss with the family when (day of the week, date, and time) they would like to have the burial done(note that additional charges apply to the burials occurring on weekends and holidays).

  4. Have the family contact directly the person who will be in charge of body ritual washing (Gushl) and religious burials and coordinate the time with him to arrive in time in the House of Mercy All Muslim Cemetery.

If the family does not already have someone to perform Gushl and Islamic burial House of Mercy Cemetery has a list of Muslim volunteers .

 When a person is very sick and a death is imminent

1. Call the manager, Michael Wallen at (206)818-3964.  

2. Make an appointment with him to visit House of Mercy Cemetery for purchase of burial sites.

3. Bring personal information of the prospective owner of the burial site with you

4.Complete the "personal Information form, choose the burial site and make payment of the cost.

5. Make sure to the HOM Cemetery issues a "Security Agreement Receipt" in the name of the owner.

6.Save the "Security Agreement" in a safe place

7. Call HOM Cemetery as soon as the death occurs(see above for contact information)