• Complete burial and funeral services                                    $5,500.00  effective April 1, 2018

Endowment Care funds                                                        $  300.00

Total Package                                                                      $5,800.00

Complete burial and services for Children(up to 54 inches tall)

Including live Births                                                              $3,500.00

Endowment Care Funds                                                      $300.00          

Total Package                                                                      $3,800.00      

    Memorial Stones are required on each grave and sold separately (see Memorial Stones below)

    • Burial of premature infants and stillborns   before 20 wks        $500.00         


    • Burial of premature infants and stillborns after 20 wks           $1000.00

    (Death Certificate needed).


    • Transport Only, transport of body to other cemetery             $1000.00


    • Funeral services, use of body preparation facilities and

    Transfer of body to other cemeteries for burial                      $1500.00


    • Transportation from body preparation room to Mosque

    Then back for Burial $200.00                                                     

    • Use of body preparation facilities only  $500.00

    • Remove and hold only  $500.00


    • Discounts. The House of Mercy will offer a 10% discount for the purchase of 10 Plots or more.


    Burial Charges:

    Saturday Burials                                                                 $600.00

    Sunday Burials                                                                  $1200.00

    Holidays                                                                            $1200.00

    Kafan-Female                                                                        $75.00

    Kafan-Male                                                                            $50.00

    The House of Mercy will take Credit card payments. A 0.035% Fee will be added to each purchase.

    Extra Charges:

    Transports:   Out of state within driving distance           $500.00   (Oregon or Canada/Vancouver area)

                         In Country Shipments                                             Basic Fee - $2,000.00*

                         Out of Country and overseas shipments                Basic Fee - $2,000.00*

       Family must arrange a receiving Funeral Home and someone to meet the body at the airport. Airfare charges are separate.

    *For overseas shipment we take a $8,000 deposit.  For in country shipments we take a $3,000 deposit.  Any money left over will be reimbursed to family.


    Funeral Home, Private Viewing at Funeral Home,    set up        $150.00

                                                                                 Viewing time,  $75.00 an hr. 

                                                                                                          $40.00 an ½ hr.

                             Overnight at residence, (no stretcher)                 $370.00

                             Autopsy repair                                                     $150.00

                             Embalming                                                          $200.00            


    Certified copy of Death Certificate                                              $70.00    

    Memorial Stones:  12”x 24”x 4”                 $500.00                                            

                                    28”x 16”x 4”                 $700.00                                           

                                    32”x 20”x 4”                 $900.00