House of Mercy All-Muslim cemetery (HOM cemetery) is a small cemetery established to serve exclusively the Muslim community. It is a religious non-denominational cemetery that has been established with donations and by financial support of a few benevolent Muslims.

It is not a commercial cemetery and as such, there are terms and conditions for acquiring burial sites in the cemetery, body preparation procedures, and burials.

1.       Body preparation and burials will be accomplished according to Muslim rituals (Sharia) and is in accordance with the “rules and regulation manual”, adopted by the board of directors of HOM, a copy of which is available at the HOM cemetery office.

2.       The person who acquires graves and services agrees to abide by these rules.

3.       There are several payment plans for acquiring the graves. The most popular plan is the “global burial charge plan”. Under this plan, HOM cemetery donates all costs related to body transports, death certificate, filings & permits at no extra charge.

The Board of Directors of the House Mercy all-Muslim Cemetery has set the cost of the   global burial charge plan at $5,500.00. In addition, there is a onetime charge of $300.00 for deposit in the Endowment Care Fund, a permanent trust established for the care of the cemetery.

The owners of the graves are members of the House of Mercy all-Muslim Cemetery Foundation.

Members of Islamic community may arrange for a payment plan for acquiring a burial site at the cemetery.

There is also “Insurance Plan” with the “Purple Cross Insurance company” to cover the cost.

4.     The purchaser and owners of the grave agree to place a Memorial Stone on the grave within 4 months after burial.

Cemetery Hours:  The cemetery gate is open from 9:00 AM till dusk.  Office hours are by appointment only.  Use of facilities can be arranged by contacting the Manager, Michael Wallen at 206-818-3964.  

Under the global burial charge following services are included:

·         The cost of acquiring the grave in the HOM cemetery

·         Opening and closing of the grave in the HOM cemetery. Additional charges for weekends/holidays and after hours (4:30 PM) burial are applicable

·         Vault

·         All costs related to body removal, body  transports, death certificate, filings & permits are provided

·         The HOM will transport the body from the place of death to the grave site within the 3 hrs radius in a metropolitan area of Seattle / Tacoma. Additional charges will apply for removal from distant places

·         Use of body preparation room at the HOM facility

Not included:

·         Flowers

·         Police escort

·         Religious services and gratitude to the clergyman

·         Reception

·         Person who is performing the washing (Ghosl) of the body

·         It is the responsibility of the family to find a religious person and make arrangement with him for travel to HOM for washing of the body, burial, and religious ceremonies at the burial site.  (HOM has a list of names and phone #’s of religious persons who may be available)

·         Memorial headstones, sold separately.